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A Brief History of Hearses

Today, hearses are the most recognizable vehicle used by professional funeral businesses. But the hearse has a long history that includes alternative modes of power and evolutions over time to turn this vehicle from a... read more

Overview of the New Chevy Traverse Hearse

While brands like Cadillac and Lincoln are established leaders in the funeral vehicle space, other automotive brands have entered the market with their own hearse vehicles that increase the competition in terms of both... read more

The Top Features of the Platinum MasterCoach Cadillac Hearse

A hearse is more than a vehicle used to perform your company's funeral services. It's also a big part of the overall experience you provide to grieving family and friends seeking an elegant service and memorial for... read more

Casket Rollers

A hearse is a vehicle with very distinct purposes. As such, it is outfitted with specific hardware, parts, and equipment. These items include everything from casket bier pins to skid bars to casket rollers (also called... read more

What Is a Hearse?

Not all funeral vehicles are the same. People use various vehicles to fill different roles at funerals. If you're interested in providing funeral cars to the bereaved, and it can be helpful to understand how these types... read more

Lincoln Hearse Models: Which One Should You Choose?

There are some good reasons for adding a Lincoln funeral hearse to your fleet due to the overall quality of the Lincoln brand. Lincoln is a luxury brand owned by Ford, and it's known for offering vehicles that provide... read more

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