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Financing & Leasing

Shields really understands the business of owning high-dollar equipment and knows the importance of procuring rolling stock in a fiscally-wise manner. There are several financial means by which a firm can acquire a hearse or limousine and the consultants at Shields can guide you through the pros and cons of these various options.
The information on this page is solely intended as a general guideline to the different types of leases / purchases we deal with on a daily basis. We do not claim that this information is 100% infallible or updated for current / changing market trends. Please consult your accountant or another financial professional for final analysis of your investment.

Financing & Leasing Options


This method of acquiring a vehicle entails the buyer paying for the vehicle outright at delivery. This could involve a loan from a bank of the buyer’s choice or funds directly from the buyer.

In-House Financing

At Shields we are proud to offer In-House Financing options to our customers who qualify. For full details regarding what our In-House Financing options encompass please give us a call and we will be glad to walk you through the process. 


  • Also called “walkaway lease” or “traditional lease”
  • Typical term is 60 months (but can be different)
  • At end of term, customer returns car back to dealer in good condition and has no further responsibility (car must be within mileage and condition limits set forth in agreement)
  • Customer is only paying for a “portion” of the car; at lease end, the car still has “life” (value) left and can be sold again; therefore, customer enjoys lower payments during the term because he/she is not paying for 100% of the vehicle
  • 100% of the lease payments can be expense – written against your taxes
  • Often, lease rates are a little better than a straight purchase rate because under leasing laws, the bank can depreciate the car as an asset and can therefore give a more attractive lease rate
  • Customer cannot depreciate the car since it is not an asset on the customer’s books
  • Ideally, this works well when a customer does not want to keep the car for an extended amount of time (wants to keep more current body style vehicles)


  • Also called “dollar buyout” lease
  • Typical term is 60 months (but can be different)
  • At end of term, the customer owns the car 100%
  • This is virtually identical to financing the car through a local bank
  • Customer is paying for the entire full value of the car over the term, so the payments are higher than a straight lease (but customer will own the car at the end)
  • Customer is able to depreciate the vehicle as an asset on the company’s books
  • Payments cannot be expense because the car is an asset on the company’s books
  • Typically, these rates are a little higher than a straight lease because the bank cannot depreciate the car as an asset
  • Ideally, this works well when a customer wants to keep the car for many years

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have bought numerous vehicles over the last 30+ years from Shields Southeast Sales. They have always gone above and beyond in making the purchase process smooth and problem-free. One thing that definitely stands out with them is their service after the sale. I wholeheartedly support and recommend Brandon and his team for your professional car needs."

- Jeffrey S. Wages, Wages & Sons Funeral Home and Crematories

"We have been buying vehicles from Brandon for years. Top notch service every time!" - Lucinda Degenhard Northside Chapel Funeral Directors & Crematory

- Lucinda Degenhard, Northside Chapel Funeral Directors & Crematory

"I highly recommend this company, our salesman's professional business manner was outstanding!"

- Martin Banks, Legacy Funeral Chapel

"No pressure sales, great staff and all vehicles are spotless!"

- Thomas Knighton, Citizens Funeral Home

"I just purchased a 2020 Combination Hearse from here. I am very impressed with the vehicle and the service I received from the salesman. When he delivered it, he spent a great deal of time showing my staff and me all the features. He encouraged us to ask questions and he was very patient and professional when responding to our inquiries. I look forward to conducting more business with him in the future."

- J. T. Fisher, J.T. Fisher Funeral Home Services

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