The Top Features of the Platinum MasterCoach Cadillac Hearse

A hearse is more than a vehicle used to perform your company's funeral services. It's also a big part of the overall experience you provide to grieving family and friends seeking an elegant service and memorial for their loved one.

The Cadillac XT5 offers everything you could ask for in a modern funeral vehicle: custom-tailored functionality to safely transport caskets and remains, along with a sleek, classy exterior that will elevate your company's brand and add a touch of style to any funeral procession.

As you explore various hearses and funeral vehicles currently on the market, pay particular attention to the unique and upscale features offered by this (Cadillac hearse). Here are five such features to keep in mind.

XT5 SUV Chassis

Like the (Cadillac hearse 2020) and 2021 models, the newest model of the MasterCoach hearse is built upon Cadillac's XT5 SUV chassis. This chassis enables a perfect balance of performance and stability required when driving a hearse.

This is the same chassis found on luxury Cadillac SUVs, so you can drive the hearse with confidence in the performance and durability of the vehicle's undercarriage. The XT5 chassis is also wider than the XTS, which allows for larger caskets to fit between the wheelhouse covers.

As an SUV chassis, the XT5 also offers a bigger and taller SUV chassis, allowing more space to fit casket sprays without the risk of those flowers getting smashed in transit. This has been a huge problem for funeral directors in the past, but the larger chassis makes for a more comfortable fit.

The larger tires and stance of the SUV chassis also give the vehicle better performance—especially in churchyard cemeteries where a smaller chassis might put you at risk of bottoming out on uneven terrain.

Stainless Steel Exterior Embellishments

Not only does it drive like a Cadillac, but it also looks like one, too. The side windows of the MasterCoach are trimmed with stainless steel window pillars, a matching chrome roof band, and a full vinyl top.

On some MasterCoach models, these stainless embellishments can be paired with a painted black top for the hearse cover, which is a beautiful, highly recommended upgrade option that gives the hearse the touch of elegance your families associate with the Cadillac brand.

Urn Valet Upgrade Option

The Platinum MasterCoach Cadillac hearse features a large urn holder that securely displays and transports cremains at the back of the vehicle.

This oversized urn holder is also wide enough to display an urn with flowers or other decorations on either side. Buyers can choose between a manual or electric-powered urn valet for their vehicle.

Four-Way LED Strobes

One of the most striking upgrade options on the MasterCoach Cadillac hearse is the four sets of LED strobe lights featured on the grill of the vehicle, flanking either side of the Cadillac crest. These lights can be activated during a funeral procession to grab the attention of other vehicles through their blinking strobe effect, improving safety for the entire procession while also catching the eye of admiring onlookers.

Once again, the functionality of this feature also manages to increase the eye appeal of the vehicle to onlookers. Instead of using the hazard lights on the vehicle to catch the attention of other vehicles, these LED lights elevate your business brand.

Extend a Sill

If you're interested in upgrading beyond the base package for MasterCoach models, the extend a sill feature is one to consider. This protective sill can be extended out during loading and unloading to protect the vehicle's bumper from damage caused by the casket, preserving the integrity and beauty of your vehicle.

Extending a sill can be installed as a manual or electric option. We typically recommend the manual option to our clients because of its reduced space requirements: if you opt for the electric extend sill, there's no room to install an urn valet. If you choose the manual extend a sill, you can package this feature with the urn valet.

Where to Find Your Next Cadillac Hearse for Sale

Whether you're looking for a new or (used hearse for sale), the best place to start is with a vehicle dealer that specializes in professional funeral vehicles. A regular auto dealership won't have the right personnel or vehicle inventory to help you consider the various features offered on these vehicles, and they won't have the background you're seeking when making an investment in a new vehicle for your business.

At Shields Professional Vehicles, we offer specialized expertise—along with flexible financing and other valued resources—to help you choose and purchase the right vehicle for your business. Contact us today to explore our inventory and pick out the perfect funeral vehicle for your business.

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