Overview of the New Chevy Traverse Hearse

While brands like Cadillac and Lincoln are established leaders in the funeral vehicle space, other automotive brands have entered the market with their own hearse vehicles that increase the competition in terms of both vehicle features and price points.

One such vehicle is the (Chevy Traverse hearse), a relatively new funeral vehicle option that potential buyers should be excited about. The (Chevy Traverse) offers an exciting mix of classic style with newer features and performance capabilities that make this a versatile and reliable vehicle to add to your funeral fleet.

Unfamiliar with the Chevy Traverse? Eager to learn more about what sets it apart? Here are some of the highlights to keep in mind as you compare the Traverse hearse with other hearse vehicles.

The Elegant Look of a Cadillac

At first glance, the Chevy Traverse hearse may seem to have a lot in common with a Cadillac. This familiarity is by design: given the Cadillac's influence on hearse designs over the years, the Traverse features a number of exterior touches inspired by classic Cadillac designs.

Among these features are the crested swing gate at the back of the hearse—similar to the designs found on many older Cadillac models—along with chrome trim and embellishments, and red vertical tail lights that bear a close resemblance to more recent Cadillac hearse models.

The differences are clear when you take a closer look—the body design is clearly the Traverse rather than a Cadillac, for example, and the Chevy crest at the front of the vehicle is a dead giveaway of the auto manufacturer—but for funeral businesses that want to explore their options beyond the upscale Cadillac brand, the Chevy Traverse might offer the perfect balance you're looking for.

Functional Rear Storage in chevy traverse hearse

The Chevy Traverse takes the body and chassis of the Traverse SUV and customizes it as a hearse by eliminating the second and third rows of seating. In their place, a long bed for casket storage has been opened up, along with five sets of rollers to help load and unload the casket from the vehicle.

A divider has now been placed between the front seats and the cargo space of the hearse. The rear side doors and windows are still in place to make it easier to load and unload caskets from the vehicle, while the windows of the third row have been covered to give the interior a more elegant look.

Two rows of interior lighting provide adequate visibility in the large cargo space. With nearly 100 cubic feet of cargo space available in the bed of the hearse, you should have no problem using this vehicle to accommodate your casket transport needs.

Power and Performance Under the Hood

If you're seeking a hearse with a more powerful engine, the Traverse might be the right fit. Starting with the 2021 Chevy Traverse, this vehicle features the same engine as you'll find in a standard Traverse: the vehicle comes equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine that offers 310 horsepower.

You might not need that level of performance in most funeral processions, but a powerful engine could come in handy when driving the vehicle for other purposes, or in inclement weather.

The Choice of Two or Four-Wheel Drive

One of the biggest selling points offered by the Chevy Traverse is the option to purchase the vehicle with two- or four-wheel drive. Each of these options has its own benefits and drawbacks, and funeral businesses will need to decide which option is best for their needs.

In most driving conditions, a two-wheel drive is sufficient for a funeral hearse. But four-wheel drive can offer a key advantage when the hearse is driving in poor road conditions, such as rain or ice. Similarly, a hearse driven into grass or another terrain for a funeral service may be better served with four-wheel drive to ensure reliable handling on slippery, uneven, and sloped off-road surfaces.

Four-wheel drive comes at a higher cost, but it can offer peace of mind to businesses that want a high-performance vehicle they can trust in all conditions. This customizable option is why K2 Vehicles, which partnered with Chevy to create the Traverse hearse, deemed the vehicle "the most versatile hearse on the market."

Whether you're seeking a new or (used hearse for sale), a specialized funeral vehicle dealer can introduce you to their inventory and help you identify the vehicles that offer the best fit for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about the Chevy Traverse and our other excellent funeral vehicles.

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