Funeral Gratuity Etiquette: Do You Tip Funeral Directors?

A funeral can be a difficult and emotional time. To minimize stress, it's a good idea to enter into the event knowing exactly what's expected of you when it comes to funeral gratuity etiquette. For example, do you tip... read more

Funeral Photo Display Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

For the friends and family of a person who has recently passed, funeral services play an important role in supporting the grieving process and helping those individuals say goodbye. Many funeral services feature a number... read more

Casket Rollers

A hearse is a vehicle with very distinct purposes. As such, it is outfitted with specific hardware, parts, and equipment. These items include everything from casket bier pins to skid bars to casket rollers (also called... read more

What Does a Funeral Director Do?

Without funeral directors, modern funerals wouldn't happen as they do. Yet most people have no idea how comprehensive a funeral director job description can be. Even if you think you know everything that goes into... read more

What Is a Hearse?

Not all funeral vehicles are the same. People use various vehicles to fill different roles at funerals. If you're interested in providing funeral cars to the bereaved, and it can be helpful to understand how these types... read more

How to Attach a Flag to a Car for a Funeral

Vehicles typically travel together from the funeral service to the cemetery, and this group is called a funeral procession. It's become customary for the vehicles that participate in these processions to attach flags that... read more
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