How to Grow Your Funeral Home's Social Media Following

Social media can be overwhelming. Maintaining your page can be incredibly stressful — keeping up with followers, developing content, finding a rhythm — there are many things you could prioritize. So, when creating a social media page for your funeral home, where should you start?

1. Educate

Dying is one of the most mysterious facts of life. How do you grieve? How long does it take? How do you move on? Is it okay to move on? Tackling these questions can build trust between you and your followers. Educating people about the grieving process or providing content that helps them think through funeral details will show your compassion and care. Social media is also a great way to honor various cultures by educating people on diverse burial practices and incorporating those into the services you offer. For example, Muslim practitioners wash bodies in water before burial. Educating the community on topics like these will show respect to other cultures and show you are knowledgeable and willing to make accommodations for all people.

2. Know Your Audience

A social media follower is subscribed to an account to receive updates and information. This means the act of building followers is the same as building your audience. Key demographics for your funeral home to target are:

  • The elderly
  • People or families that recently lost a loved one
  • Middle-aged people
  • Single parents
  • Non-religious individuals

When creating content, keep these demographics in mind and ask yourself, "If I were in this situation, what are things I would be worried about?" and start from there. People are more likely to follow funeral homes for both education and support. Making sure you are providing both will have the most impact. Consider using social media to lead people back to your website, where you talk more in-depth about estate planning, memorial planning, funeral budgeting, counseling opportunities, and seminars.

3. Consider Hiring an Agency

We all have unique skills, and it's perfectly okay if social media marketing isn't a skill of anybody in your business. Some people are not made to work at a funeral home, and some people can't answer the question, "what does following mean on Facebook?" Investing in an agency will put a fresh set of eyes on your business and give your content a creative, new spin. Outsourcing your marketing efforts provides many benefits for your in-house staff as well. With marketing help, your current employees will have more time to focus on seminars, therapy, and diversifying their services.

Outsourcing marketing efforts may cost money in the short term. However, increased profitability and lead generation make these agencies a staple for businesses looking to expand their market share and social media impact. No single idea will last forever, but the convergence of well-articulated marketing campaign elements will keep your funeral home ahead of competitors for a long time.

4. Be Strategic

To be the most effective, you can't expect a "follow for follow" situation. Although this idea might pan out for social media accounts at the beginning of their journey, the content for your funeral home needs to interest, educate, and prioritize visuals. Cross-posting content across platforms is one way to increase clicks, as viewers and subscribers are encouraged to go between your various pages to keep reading. Don't be afraid to dive into advertising, either. Constructing an advertisement can be daunting initially, but these pay-per-click ads are incredibly affordable and can increase your brand awareness for just a few dollars daily. Lastly, learn when to post content and how to format it. There are specific time frames when people are more inclined to browse social media. Frequent posts during the appropriate time of day will reach more people than midnight posts every blue moon. Develop a cadence, and the results are sure to follow.

At Shields Professional Vehicles, it is our honor to remember those lost by providing vehicles for the procession. Make a brief call to our Marietta, Georgia headquarters and we can partner with your funeral home today.

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