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Shields really understands the business of owning high-dollar equipment and knows the importance of procuring rolling stock in a fiscally-wise manner. There are several financial means by which a firm can acquire a hearse or limousine and the consultants at Shields can guide you through the pros and cons of these various options.
The information on this page is solely intended as a general guideline to the different types of leases / purchases we deal with on a daily basis. We do not claim that this information is 100% infallible or updated for current / changing market trends. Please consult your accountant or another financial professional for final analysis of your investment.

Leasing Application

Type of Lease/Purchases

Straight Purchase
This method of acquiring a vehicle entails the buyer paying for the vehicle outright at delivery. This could involve a loan from a bank of the buyer’s choice or funds directly from the buyer.

Straight Lease


Trac Lease