Why Funerals Are an Important Part of the Healing Process

Losing someone you care deeply about is one of the most challenging, overwhelming moments anyone can experience. Funerals can help ease the sorrow of death and plant the seeds for healthy healing.

Though it can be hard to plan a funeral, planning is important. After all, you're planning funerals for the living. A well-considered funeral can take away some of the stressors that naturally accompany saying goodbye to a loved one.

Just what makes funerals so beneficial for surviving relatives, companions, friends, neighbors, and workplace colleagues?

  1. Funerals encourage warm conversation.

Most of us have been to a funeral with many photos or videos of the deceased. Funeral photo displays have become popular, especially in the digital media age. Pictures help spark memories and encourage people to talk with each other. This dialogue can pave the way for everyone to share their happiest, funniest, and heart-warming moments.

After someone has died, grieving family members need lots of support and caring. Hearing stories—including new ones they might never have known—about the person they've lost can make them feel less alone. Plus, the experience allows everyone to shed some tears and enjoy appropriate laughter.

  1. Funerals can be a beautiful end to a beautiful life.

There is no standard funeral service meaning or design. Funerals can take a shape that makes sense for the person who has passed away. For example, many people want to have their lives representative at traditional funerals with open caskets, lots of flowers, etc. However, traditional funerals aren't the only type on the market.

More and more, people are arranging their ideal funerals before they die. This enables their loved ones to honor their last wishes. Personalized funerals make guests feel like the deceased's spirit is all around them. It's much easier to say goodbye with an individualized send-off that reflects someone's morals, values, and personality.

  1. Funerals give people ideas for ways they can support mourners.

Have you ever felt unsure of what to do when you hear that someone's husband, child, or parent has died? Part of the purpose of a funeral is to give people some ideas and ways to show that they care.

For example, many people like to have flowers and sprays delivered to the funeral home. This is especially important for those who can't be there in person for the visitation or funeral. Other people like reading through the funeral home obituary to see if they can donate to a nonprofit in the deceased's name. These may seem like small steps, but they can support grief-stricken families considerably.

  1. Funeral homes are well-equipped to share resources.

Few people have what it takes to work as funeral directors and funeral home staff members. Supporting people of all ages who feel overcome by emotions takes a special touch. Funeral directors and their team members regularly leverage funerals to share valuable resources with mourning wives, husbands, kids, and partners.

Resources can run the gamut from online support groups to well-written literature. The goal of these resources isn't to make the hurt go away, of course. But any resources can help survivors move forward through the healing process.

  1. Funerals are helpful for little children.

Losing a relative or friend can be particularly jarring for little kids. Younger children may be unable to understand what death means. Funerals make it more apparent that death is normal and that funerals aren't scary.

Remember that young children see the world differently than adults do. Attending a funeral allows a child to ask questions and get answers. In some cases, children may like to draw pictures to display during the funeral to add a lovely, heartfelt touch to the atmosphere.

Everyone heals uniquely after going through the death of someone they love. There's no fixed beginning and end to moving through the stages of grief. However, nontraditional and traditional funerals can be one method to move the healing process forward.

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