What Will the Modern Funeral Home Look Like in the Future?

When it comes to planning a funeral, things are usually fairly straightforward. Either the deceased explicitly chose which funeral home their family should use (based on funeral home design, cost, and service), or the family chose the funeral home, urn or coffin, and the other funeral service details. If you want to plan your memorial service ahead of time, one big question on your mind is probably, "What will the modern funeral look like in the future?"

From modern funeral home design to opportunities for funeral service personalization and the appropriate type of hearse, people will expect more from future funeral homes. When people select a funeral home to honor their memory or that of their loved ones, they will evaluate the modern funeral home interior design and what feels suitable for the service they are planning. Also, funeral traditions are expected to shift away from traditional burial and cremations to more eco-friendly natural processes.

The future of funeral homes will be a different world, and funeral homes will need to prepare to serve a variety of audiences with different needs. Here are some essential things to consider when you are planning any changes to your funeral home for the future:

1. Eco-Friendly Cremations

A lot of people are now preferring cremation more than a traditional burial. Plus, cremation is expected to account for the majority of all end-of-life services by the start of the 2030s. While today's flame-based cremations are more eco-friendly than traditional burials, future funerals will likely have more natural, eco-friendly options.

For example, funeral homes will take more steps to reduce airborne toxins from cremation and explore water cremation. This refers to using a pressurized chamber filled with a solution that expedites decomposition. Plus, many funeral homes will be rethinking the embalming fluids they use, as those can also be pretty harmful to the environment.

2. Modern Funeral Home Interior Design

Funeral homes with a more modern look and feel don't look that way for social media likes (even though it helps). Funeral home owners will likely ditch the stodgy feel of funeral homes of the past in favor of a more modern funeral home design that features rooms with universal appeal. Remember, the goal of a funeral service should be to effectively honor someone's memory, which means that funeral home designs should appeal to more people. Think natural lighting, neutral tones, and natural decoration accents. Aesthetics grounded in nature are more inviting and make visitors feel more at home.

3. Interactive Elements

Technology has developed rapidly over the last several years, including in the funeral industry. Memorial services are beginning to include video elements, such as PowerPoint and edited videos, as well as music and other audio components. Funeral homes of the future will feature ways for guests to have immersive experiences while grieving their loved ones. For example, people may prefer massive video displays that take up the entire wall or room. People will use these displays to remember their loved ones more meaningfully and find closure.

4. Environmentally-friendly hearses.

As the world continues the shift to electric vehicles, funeral homes and hearse vehicle companies will likely reconsider the environmental impact of their hearse services. When it comes to eco-friendly funeral services, most people neglect to consider the environmental impact of a hearse, especially if it lasts longer. Funeral hearses of the future may employ hybrid vehicles or entirely electric vehicles to reduce the service's carbon footprint.

When planning your funeral service or that of a loved one, it's easy to wonder how funeral homes will change to accommodate people's needs in the future. If you are organizing a hearse and are searching for quality vehicles that effectively convey the importance of your memorial service, contact us at Shields to learn more.

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