Grief Program Ideas for Your Funeral Home

There will be a day in each of our lives when people near and dear to our hearts will come to the end of their journey. Grief is a common response to those situations and getting help through the grieving process is very normal and at times, necessary. Funeral homes can assist in the grieving process by offering various programs and counseling options.

Types of Grief

There are 16 different types of grief. This emotion comes in many forms, from normal grief to complicated grief — where a grieving person does not move through all five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) in a fluid process. Individuals may need professional help from a mental health expert to end the cycle of grief if it becomes too intense. Complicated grief and delayed grief are the most difficult types to overcome. Delayed grief is when an individual begins to feel emotion after a substantial amount of time has passed. Mental health professionals in private practices or employed through a funeral home are among the best options to help those that are processing grief.

What can you do to help those who are grieving?

1. Offer counseling services.

Offer counseling services. Funeral home directors and counselors are some of the frontline workers at a funeral home. They help people who are grieving through the five stages of grief. Counselors hold face-to-face conversations with those left behind and offer emotional reassurance through in-depth discussions. This is an opportunity for people to experience emotional comfort and healing. Counselors can also help clients through the funeral process by assisting in duties such as: drafting an obituary, selecting a casket and pallbearers, or printing death registration certificates. Funeral home workers are the first line of assistance for those navigating life without their loved ones. They may also point those in need towards resources that may further assist in healing the wound caused by grief. Having these specialists available at your funeral home could provide much-needed care to families planning their loved one's funerals and funeral procession.

2. Provide grief counseling for children.

Make grief counseling accessible for kids. Children process emotions differently than adults with fully developed brains. Their pain is frequently internalized, and their understanding of events is limited. There are plenty of resources for these younger family members to understand and process their emotions. Books are an incredible asset to assist kids in learning about death. Other incredible resources for families with children are weekend getaway camps that offer fun, emotional-support activities for not only kids but for older family members as well. Lastly, grief counseling centers that specialize in emotionally supporting families through the death of loved ones are another option. These centers provide those in need with mental health experts and volunteers free of charge. These settings are especially helpful as they offer group therapy for families to navigate grief together and encourage each other to progress through their varying emotions. Being able to point people to these resources or provide them on your own will be a huge help to families and children who are grieving.

3. Facilitate support groups and seminars.

Establish support groups and seminars for those in need. Support groups offer many benefits without the need for visiting a grief counseling center or getaway camp. Individuals facing identical or similar situations can establish a support network through occasional or frequent meetings of 5-15 other individuals and one mental health professional. These groups offer an environment where people suffering from loss are allowed to share their personal experiences, coping strategies, and information pertaining to grief and processing loss. Some important topics of discussion include the difference between mourning vs. grief, how to accept the reality of loss, developing a new self-identity, and searching for meaning. These groups are not to replace lost loved ones but are a way for surviving families to progress through their journey with newfound support.

Death is never an easy obstacle to overcome for those left behind. Funeral homes and their community partners can provide many different emotional and mental outlets for families processing loss. The beauty of passing begins with a ceremony to honor those that have passed. With a quick call to Shields Professional Vehicles, we can help you help others create beautiful memories to honor those who have passed.

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