5 Things Funeral Directors Look For When Buying a Hearse

When managing a funeral service and leading a funeral procession, there's no vehicle more important than the (funeral hearse). Any funeral home in the market for a (hearse) must balance its spending budget alongside important features that will affect not only the longevity of the vehicle but also your ability to give grieving families and friends the experience they expect when mourning their loved ones.

As with any significant business investment, no funeral home should purchase a hearse without doing their homework to make sure the make and model they're considering offers the features and capabilities they want from this professional vehicle.

Don't make the mistake of assuming all hearses are the same. Here's a buyers guide for hearse to the top five considerations funeral directors keep in mind when buying a hearse.

Comprehensive Guide: 5 Key Considerations for Funeral Directors Buying a Hearse

1. Price

When you're making a big purchase, the price can't be ignored. Regardless of whether you've got the budget to afford a premium Cadillac or Lincoln, or if you're seeking a different (hearse for sale) that offers important features at a lower cost, it's helpful to understand your general price range before you start your search.

Be prepared to be flexible, though, in order to afford a (hearse car) that actually fits your business needs, and not only your preferred price range. Remember that financing options are available to alleviate some cost concerns that might otherwise hold you back from investing in the hearse that makes the most sense for your business.

2. Rear Compartment Measurements

Many hearses are designed to accommodate the vast majority of caskets you may need to transport in the vehicle. Even so, it's worth your time to verify these measurements and compare the dimensions of the hearses you are considering.

If you want extra room to accommodate extra-large caskets and large flower casket sprays, for example, you may want to consider a bigger, newer hearse. Pay attention to the rollers on the floor, too, as these will affect your ability to move the casket in and out of the vehicle.

3. Church Truck Storage

Funeral businesses need a hearse that offers quick, easy access to the church truck when transporting a casket. Some of these models will feature an open church truck, while others will feature a closed church truck compartment.

Since there are no options available to buyers regarding the placement of the church truck compartment in the hearse, you will need to be comfortable with whatever church truck compartment is offered with the hearse model you ultimately purchase.

4. Rear and Back Windows

Window options are an important consideration when buying a hearse. Some people love the elegance of windows placed on the rear sides of the hearse, and/or in the back of the vehicle. But others may prefer a solid vinyl roof that features no side or rear windows.

Windowed hearse options are more expensive than windowless, so this upgrade option is a balance of aesthetics and cost. For families of the deceased, it's worth noting that windows offer a better view of casket sprays and display flags, in the case of veteran funerals.

5. Engine and Drivetrain

The engine under the hood could affect your vehicle's performance when towing a heavy load and/or driving in inclement weather. While a more powerful engine will likely come at a greater cost, consider how important the engine is to your experience driving the hearse.

If you are replacing a hearse or adding to your funeral home's fleet, compare the horsepower and torque of prospective models to the horsepower and torque of your current hearse. Have you felt limited by your current vehicle's performance?

Similarly, consider whether you want a vehicle with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. While the two-wheel drive is often sufficient for most driving situations, the four-wheel drive could offer upgraded handling and performance if you do a lot of driving on ice or snow, for example.

Once you have an idea of the kind of hearse you're looking for, it's time to find a professional vehicle dealer that offers the expertise and inventory you need to review your options and make an informed decision. Contact us today to start your search.

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